Appalachian Vegetation Management Association Student Assistance Program



Open to full time West Virginia University undergraduate and graduate students majoring in the studies Forestry or Agriculture.

An academic gift to be awarded to a full time student registered for the following fall

For more information please contact:

Mike Chedester AVMA

c/o AEP Ohio, PO Box 99, 47687 National Road,

St. Clairsville, OH 43950

telephone 740-695-7545

General information about the Association and Industry

The general purpose of the Appalachian Vegetation Management Association (AVMA) is to collect and distribute accurate and current information regarding integrated vegetation management (IVM) strategy and research. This strategy is necessary to help resolve the complex issues of noxious vegetation control and includes; utilities, pipelines, DOT, invasive control, habitat restoration in an environmentally responsible manner. To assist in vegetation management recommendations made to state and federal agencies. To encourage IVM practices, including the proper use and application of herbicides as an aid in fostering a mutual understanding and respect among those engaged in vegetation management research, regulation, manufacturing, distribution and use of pesticides in the state of West Virginia and eastern US.

Membership in the AVMA is open to anyone who wishes to be affiliated with a national organization working to encourage the wise use of herbicides and modern methods of pest control by agriculture, forestry and industrial interests.

The Dr. Kenneth Carvell Student Award  

The associations’ primary student assistance gift of $3000.00 to honor Dr. Ken Carvell, WVU

Professor Emeritus, Forestry, for his contributions to this industry and for his support and

guidance to this association.

The Roger Latham Memorial Student Award 

This award in the amount of $2000.00 is given in memory of Dr. Roger Latham a former PA

Game Commission Research Director and outdoor sportswriter for the Pittsburgh Press. An

outdoors man that enjoyed fishing, hunting, photography. A true conservationist that worked

tirelessly with many groups to benefit all who love the outdoor experience. A supporter of the

principals of integrated vegetation management.

These two awards are based on financial need and an interest in vegetation management esp.

with utilities right of way management, invasive plants, forestry and agriculture disciplines.

No minimum GPA is required to apply

No experience in vegetation management is required, but is helpful.

You must be a returning full time enrolled student in the next fall semester to qualify.

About Us

Past Award Recipients


1995 Trent Badgley
1996 Dan Cooley
1997 Brent Hall
1998 Julie Lee Swisher
1999 Nick Zegre
2000 Bridgitte Kumbier
*2001 Anthony Scardina
*2002 Greg Scott
2003 Collin Fridley
2004 Christina Venable
2005 Marcia Maslonek
2006 Jennifer Fortney
2007 Kristen Lockerman
2008 Amanda Lynch
2009 Holly Morris
2010 Haley Davis
2011 Kara Schwanger (gift raised to $3000)
2012 Clay Edmondson
2013 Kenneth Beezley (gift raised to ($3000)
2014 Tiffany Fegel
2015 Kenneth Beezley($2000)



1995 ?
1996 Trent Badgley
1997 John Mowry
1998 Bryan Kaufmann
1999 Darren Dellezay
2000 James O’Conner
*2001 Ginger Bernholt
*2002 Ginger Bernholt
2003 not awarded
2004 Kristen Lockerman
2005 William Eck
2006 Matt Parsons
2007 Tyler Wright
2008 Gretchen Gingerich
2009 Jordan Curry
2010 James Watson
2011 Scott Cessna (gift raised to $2,000)
2012 Daniel Walton
2013 Aaron Carpenter (gift raised to $2,000)
2014 Ken Beezley
2015 Laura Farwell ($1200)
2015 Mike McKinney($1200)
2015 Toby Grapner ($1200)

WVU Foundation Scholarship
2013 Sean Clelland awarded $1,000
2014 Michael McKinney
2015 Michael McKinney


*2001 LaRae Tulley
*2002 Susan Mayfield
2010 Jordan Curry**

*all students awarded $1000 this year
**an additional $1000 gift awarded